Dan Masoomi is a Freelance Graphic Designer Based in the UK

Dan Masoomi 2019


My name is Dan Masoomi I'm a 33 year old Liverpool based graphic designer.

I have multiple years industry experience working on print and digital projects. 

I studied at The University of Central Lancashire and graduating back in 2013 with a Masters Degree in Graphic Design.  Being a creative freelancer I have worked with clients within the UK and overseas, large scale companies, small studios and some fantastic Indie game developers.


I'm a freelance graphic designer, I specialise in vector art and enjoy putting my skills towards 2D games and designing creative packages for them. Using a distinctive style developed over many years, my work can adapt to various types of media and levels of detail. Creating logo marks and branding is something I'm also efficient in.


I'm flexible with my time and can adapt to change within projects with the ability to pivot to suit the brief and the deadline. I can also manage multiple projects at the same time and have good communication skills. I enjoy working alone on my own inititive or collaborating as part of a team.


Having a creative lifestyle is something very close to my heart, enjoying your craft can bring out spectacular results for everyone involved. I really enjoy getting deep in to large projects weather that is a branding package, art for a mobile game or traditional art methods like drawing and sketching.

Apart from design I love music especially electronic music, 1970's - 1990's music is also a must! I'm a huge fan of Sushi and Persian food! I love Liverpool Football Club, football culture, Playstation 4, big TV's, quality Rum and IPA's!


I'm a huge lover of film my all time favourite films are Pulp Fiction, Terminator 2, Big Trouble in Little China, Welcome to Colinwood, Goodfellas and Robocop!