Dan Masoomi is a Freelance Graphic Designer Based in the UK

Dan Masoomi 2019


Bum Run is a casual endless runner mobile game, with an American Football theme. Get a point for every yard you pass. Eat snacks along the way to keep up energy and collect balls for in game currency!

Get hit and it's all over! 


Bum Run was released under my own name back in 2018. I realised I could use my artwork for a more tangible product that others could interact with. Bum Run took 18 months to make. Everything visual was my own work including Character Design, User Interface, User Experience, Branding, Animations, Styling, Colour Palette,  Level Design and Promotional Graphics.  I self funded the project to pay a freelance developer using Unity. The game was released 01.04.2018 and is free to play on the app store.


Check out some gameplay below!

Promotional Flyer Front

Promotional Flyer Back


Monster Match is a client project, a puzzle based game. Inspired by a Rubik Cube with a monster twist! 

The user goal was to match the example target shown at the top of the screen with your own block. With limited moves of course. I created everything visual in the game including Logo Design, Character Design, Level Design, Colour Palette, User interface and Styling.  The work took just over two weeks and is now with the development team, a release date is uncertain.

Promotional Summer flyer design for SG&F Finance. Farther and Son caricatures for a family run business.

Promotional design for SG&F Finance Christmas Flyer.

Various character face designs in my original art style.